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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Celebrating Spring

We're all loving spring so much I was even happy to have to mow the lawn yesterday.

I've been knitting in the evenings. There isn't enough progress on anything to bother with a knitting picture, so here are some apple blossoms instead.

Mom Bluebird has four eggs and has begun her two week stint of nest sitting.

I took this with the zoom lens so she wouldn't feel the need to leave the nest box.

She peeks out and watches us during dog walks, but she sits tight and we don't go too close. It's a little chilly yet and I want those eggs to stay warm.


Kathy... said...

My Redbud is in bloom. Always a joy when it doesn't get nipped with a late frost. It's beautiful this year. DH's garden is well underway.... yep.... spring really is to be celebrated!

Lynn said...

OH I LOVE that pic of the momma sticking her head out!!! TOO cute!

Lee said...

I wish I had the nerve to do that squirm-on-my-back-in-the-grass thing that dogs do, it looks like sooo much fun. Sigh, my neighbors already think I'm a little weird - that would send them over the top!

Alwen said...

Ajax is enjoying the return of the snakes from hibernation, sigh! I have a job herding them outside the fence away from him. Herding snakes is even harder than cats!