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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chat Back for April 10

Answering questions from comments and email.

Judy S. requested . . .
Please tell your little goldfinch he needs to come back home.

I've always assumed my little goldfinches are year round residents. Dozens of them winter over here hanging out at the Niger feeder.

The males turn olive yuck color in the fall and brighten back up to yellow during a spring molt.

Nancy commented . . .
I love Eastern Bluebirds. Wish I had some in my yard but they don't like the city I guess. Thanks for sharing yours.

Sadly, they don't like the city. It's one of the things I think about when tempted to move back to civilization.

After almost 20 years of having bluebirds in my yard and nestboxes, it's still a thrill for me.

Marie asked . . .
So Marguerite, like cowbirds much? hehe

I like them so much I saved a picture of their eggs from the internet to make sure I can recognize them.

Kathleen C. asked . . .
Did/have you ever read the old comic Pogo? Two of the least pleasant characters in it were the cowbirds.

Well chosen.

Bet the artist, Walt Kelly, was a bird lover.

Judy S. asked . . .
I've never seen a cowbird and am wondering if they come this far west.

They're creating havoc in all 48 of the continental United States.

Carrie commented . . .
Hoping for ongoing SPRING for you Michiganders!

We had a minor set back late last week, but we're back on track today with a high in the upper sixties.

There's been frost the last two nights, but not bad enough to hurt anything. I keep hearing it takes 28 degrees F to do damage and we haven't gone that low.


Lynn said...

We just had some goldfinches in our backyard a couple of weeks ago. I've never seen them in our yard before, we usually get the bigger black birds and cardinals and the occasional bluejays, but not these. They are really pretty!

Alwen said...

I see goldfinches all winter here just west of you. I've counted at least a dozen at a time (beyond that it's hard to tell when they keep flying around!)