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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Border for Featherweight

Knitting Pattern Book 250, a Japanese stitch pattern book, concludes with 29 fancy patterns for ribbing. This is Number 239.

I like it very much, but it's not right for the Featherweight Cardigan front border for several reasons.

Where the stitches are wrapped it pulls in. That would work fine for a horizontal ribbing on the bottom of a sweater, not so good for a vertical border.

It's only a little over two inches wide while the Featherweight border is 3.5 inches wide. I considered making it wider by doing more wrapping rows, but that would make it pull in even more.

The pattern is formed without any cabling. Every other row three stitches are worked, then put on a cable needle. The yarn is wrapped around their base two times and the stitches are returned to the right hand needle.

It's an awkward knitting process, but not difficult. The challenge is to get the wraps at the same tension so the pattern looks even.

I think this is the winner!

It's Pattern #177 from The New Knitting Stitch Library by Leslie Stanfield.

It is a four inches wide, a little wider than the pattern states. I think that's going to be OK, but right now with all the stockinette edges rolling up every direction possible, it's hard to be sure. I'm going into this with the knowledge I may end up frogging the border if a) I don't get the gauge right for it to lay smooth or b) It's too wide.

The band is over four feet long. It goes up both front pieces and across the back of the neck. I won't know if I like it until it's done. Who says I don't have an exciting life?

A week ago I was imagining I'd get Featherweight done in time to wear to church on Easter morning. That isn't going to happen and it's going to be too warm to wear wool even if it was done.

Today it hit 80 degrees F and Glory took her first dip in the creek to cool off after our evening walk.


Walden said...

OOhh, the Japanese stitch is beautiful. One of these days I need to get some of them.

I also adore the lace inside of the cabled diamonds.

Jean said...

Wow spring sure came fast! Enjoy your warm weather. Sure hope I can be back to my blogging on a regular basis again. 12 hour days are wearing me out. Take Care and my love your wonderful pups.

Dorothy said...

You do like to play fast and loose, don't you? That's like my 1,000 stitch lace pieces and no lifelines. Well, we need some excitement in our lives. I can't believe it's 80 degrees there already! You've caught up with spring and surpassed us. Typical rainy Easter for us.

Alwen said...

It was so hot yesterday, the overnight low was only 64 F right by Lake Michigan!

Luckily no one has manured the fields right by us yet, because we had windows open alllll day.

Judy S. said...

Nice Choice! The two others that I've seen used a lace stitch in the border..... I cannot wait to see more. BTW, it's in the forties and very windy here! Happy Easter.

Ann said...

I think you have made a good choice & I like it too. Happy Easter.