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Thursday, February 04, 2010

When There's No Knitting . . .

There isn't much knitting getting done, but I want to keep blogging even with nothing to say. So, here are a few things that might be of interest.

Super Cute Puppy Pictures
Susan Z. posted heart warming, adorable pictures of her new puppy Cooper learning about snow. The pictures are on her blog, Dog Lover's Yarn.

Knitting Personality Test
According to the Knitting Personality Test (of which I can reproduce no part without permission - what fun is a quiz if you can't share the results?), I am a "Logical Knitter".

Since my logical thought patterns have been hard wired by several decades of computer programming, this result was no surprise, but does indicate the quiz might give somewhat accurate results.

It's short if you want to click over and give it a try. I'd love to hear your results and if you think they're accurate.

Baby moose born in downtown Naubinway, Michigan. September 13, 2007.
Reader Sue L. sent me these incredible baby moose pictures in an email and I wanted to share. With a Goggle search, I found them here.

The moose was born in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We don't have moose in SW Michigan where I live.

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