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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chat Back for February 20

Answering comments and email.

Jean asked . . .
The photo of the horse in the snow was picturesque. Hope it has some shelter to seek.

The neighbor's horses live in an old but well maintained barn and are very well cared for.

On days that aren't bitter cold I see them playing in the snow. They even like to roll around in it.

Kathy B asked . . .
First picture of squirrel ....stunning. Did you take it???? I love it!

Thanks Kathy. Yes, this is one of our many well fed and photogenic squirrels.

Diane asked . . .
Do you edit your pictures before you post them?

This is the squirrel picture before cropping.

I almost always crop my pictures. Occasionally I lighten or darken if needed for better color.

Beadknitter asked . . .
Do you have spam problems with your blog?

Last week I had five spam comments to delete. It's not difficult to delete them, but by the fifth I was finding them very annoying. I've turned on word verification for the comments.

1 comment:

Jean said...

Thank you for answering my question, the barn looks like an ideal place for the horses to keep warm. Your squirrels really do loook well fed, there is one that hangs out in the parking lot at my work, there is a ban on feeding the squirrel and is subject to a fine, isn't it funny how nuts will just drop quite by accident when he's around.