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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

It's Our Turn For Too Much Snow

Time to stop laughing at the folks out east and get our own shovels to work. Again.

The snow started early this morning. Early enough to make the morning commute into a game of bumper cars. It's been snowing all day and will go on all night.

The dogs had a grooming appointment at noon today, which I called and rescheduled for next week. With some white-knuckle driving I could have delivered them, but I was concerned about being able to pick them up during the evening commute.

That turned out to be good thinking. I-94 was closed down and the interstate traffic, including semis, diverted onto the two lane country road (Red Arrow Highway) I would have needed to take. It was a good day to plea "chicken driver" and just stay home.

All three of the dogs are smart about the weather. It's amazing how long they can go without a trip outdoors when they want to stay in.

We took a walk at ten am and came home covered with snow. All three dogs decided this was a good day to catch up on their napping. Not a single dog asked to go out again until four this afternoon.

Pappy likes to nap cuddled up as close as possible while I sit on the loveseat with my laptop.

This picture explains why I get dog hair in my laptop keys.


Anonymous said...
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Sheri said...

What cute little guys you have. Yes, I understand the dog hair in the keyboard, my laptop has pug hair in it, on it, everywhere!
Sheri in GA

MarieR said...

So you've been laughing at us, huh? That'll teach ya! We're in for it again tomorrow, I'm sorry to say. Can't get a fix on how many inches/feet of snow expected because every channel has a different take on the matter. But considering we just got slammed on Saturday, any amount is too much. The dogs have the right idea!

Jean said...

How darling. My dogs hate to go out in this storm, its been raining for hours - large drops. Take Care.

janna said...

I've got cat hair in my laptop for exactly the same reason!

And I like the new design.

Jan Darling said...

Well, I'm a shoveling fool up here in Kent County, too. I've removed 6.5 inches from the driveway since this afternoon. Looks like it's still coming down like crazy.


Dorothy said...

Stay snug, safe and warm! More rain for us - not as fun knitting weather as snow, but it'll do.

Anonymous said...

Last night our local forecasters reported there is snow in 48 states - only 3 have no snow (Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana). I think that changed this morning with snow in N. GA. El Nino sends us 3 inches of rain every 3 days.

Smart doggies to stay indoors as long as possible.(vbg)

Alwen said...

For once we got less snow than the rest of the snowy world!

My husband stayed home this morning and cleared the driveway with the snowblower before he went to work. At least he got to drive in daylight for once.

Kathy said...

Awwwwwwww. I am delighted to have a new dog to romp in the snow with. Cricket loves it.

Ruth said...

Sorry about your snow, but I know that you weren't really laughing at us Easterners.

I like your new blog layout!