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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gail's Birthday Cuffs

Gail asked for socks with some black and/or gray.

The Basketweave Ribbing Socks pattern is perfect for a variegated yarn that might end up splotchy and unattractive without some texture intervention. Also, it's a k3,p1 ribbing base so the fit is flexible and snug. Perfect for gift socks.

Pattern: Basketweave Ribbing Socks

Yarn: Opal.

Color: Rainforest Oskar (a black and white butterfly).

Needles: Options #1, 2.5mm

Gauge: 8 stitches/inch, 10 rows/inch

When is it going to stop snowing and how soon will the hostas be big enough to eat?


Jean said...

Thanks for the tip about variegated yarn, sometimes is doesn't knit up right and this will be a good fallback pattern. Poor deer, they probably wished they were as well fed as the birds and squirrels that visit you.

Ann said...

Gorgeous socks. I love the colors.

Anonymous said...

How nice of you to knit another pair of socks for Gail. The deer photos are soooooo pretty!

Anonymous said...

I have some yarn that I have not knitted because I didn't like the look of the swatch. Now I'll knit a swatch using the basketweave. It will be nice to get those out of the project basket and made into socks (so I can get some new yarn :). Thanks for the tip!

We haven't seen our deer all winter so it was nice to see yours.

Diane K


Lynn said...

I love this pattern and plan on it being my next pair of socks...