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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Chat Back for February 6

Answering questions from comments and email.

Before getting to the questions I have to mention that we have blue sky and sunshine in SW Michigan this morning while many other places are getting way more snow than they want.

Doesn't happen very often. I'm enjoying the weather even though I'm sure we will have plenty of more snow before (and probably after) the first daffodils in April.

Nancy asked . . .
No knitting? How does that happen?
It was a busy week of non-knitting things that needed to be done.

Normally I only show a pair of socks twice - once when both cuffs are done and again when the socks are completely finished. I did have John's cuffs started, but they weren't ready to show yet.

As it turned out, I broke with normal procedure and showed one cuff yesterday.

Dorothy asked . . .
Hope everything there is ok with you!
There are medical appointments for Bob which all take time, but there is no new bad stuff going on.

Joyce wrote . . .
I'm a logical knitter too. I was starting to wonder if that's all there was, so I randomly changed some answers and turned myself into an artistic knitter. LOL
It appears all my readers are logical or contented knitters. Or maybe logical/contented knitters are the only type who will bother to take a Knitting Personality Test? And/or leave a comment with the results?

I'm pretty sure logical knitters are the only personality type who would retake the test giving the opposite answers to see what came up. I did the same thing. LOL

Jan asked . . .
Gorgeous!! How does cashmere wear in a sock?
These are the first part cashmere socks I've ever knit, so I wonder the same thing.

I don't have high wear expectations. I'll be wearing them with slippers, not hiking boots.

Dorothy asked . . .
I'm switching to Google Reader too, but can't find the option to import all of my feeds from Bloglines. How did you do it?

I'm loving Google Reader. It works better than Bloglines, is easier to use, easier to add and maintain feeds, and, most important for my dialup connection, it is much much faster.

Here's how to convert from Bloglines to Google Reader in two minutes or less:
  1. Go to Bloglines and export your feeds to a file on your PC.

    • In Bloglines, the export option is at the bottom of the left column. Save the file.

  2. Go to Google Reader and import the file you just saved.

    • In Google Reader click on Manage Subscriptions at the bottom of the left column.

    • In Manage Subscriptions select the import/export option and use the BROWSE button to select the file you just created.

Mom asked . . .
When are you going to change your blog layout? I've been checking every day and it's still the same.
I've been playing around with some different layouts on a test blog and am almost ready to take the plunge.

Although I have no specific day and hour in mind, there is a deadline, February 11. It will be before then.

1 comment:

Nancy G. said...

I have been thinking of dropping Bloglines subscriptions, and finally today I stopped procrastinating. Thank you for posting the easy step-by-step directions. You made it so easy for me. I like the format over on Google Reader much better, and WOW (!) I was missing updates before. Thanks! (You already know me as nbgriz.)