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Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Sydney Pictures

There was snow in Idaho. Thursday and Friday, my first two days there, we woke up to a white neighborhood with more white stuff falling. I took pictures and then deleted them. Idaho snow looks just like Michigan snow and there have been enough snow pictures this year.

Here are some non-snowy pictures of what I did in Northern Idaho on my spring break.

Sydney and I played lots of Hide and Seek.

We also read dozens and dozens of books.

Saturday morning Son/Dad John took Sydney to build a child's craft at Home Depot. This week it was a bird house.

There were two previous Home Depot kid projects to paint as well, bookends and a planter. DIL/Mom Anne hauled out the paint and we made everything colorful.

Sydney and I went to the Post Falls Parks and Recreation preschool Easter event. We colored eggs, decorated the basket, and made a bunny bag.

Then there was an Easter egg hunt in the cold rain.

We were the last ones to finish because once Sydney found all her eggs, she asked me to hide them again so we could start over.

Hunter's Mom, Christina, ran out in the rain and offered to take our picture. Thank you Christina!

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