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Friday, April 10, 2009

Flashback Friday - Birds of A Feather

On the second Friday of each month I go back five years to pick out one of my favorite blog posts for that month and repost it here on Flashback Friday.

This post was originally written in April, 2004 as in entry in the defunct Blogger Idol meme. The assigned theme for the week was: 'Birds of a Feather Flock Together'.

Picture of Nest in bluebird houseIt's spring break! So granddaughter Kimmy and I had the fun of a midweek overnight and day together.

One of the first things she wanted to do was to check the bluebird houses we put up when she was visiting three weeks ago. And she wasn't disappointed.

The bluebirds of a blue feather - who have obviously been together - have been busy nest building.

Looks like they're almost ready for some egg laying.

Picture of mother goose leaving her nestIn the afternoon we stopped off at the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary to check out the water birds.

The Canada geese are ahead of the bluebirds in their spring nest building and egg laying.

The geese of a feather - who have obviously been together - have their nest filled with eggs.

So, where is mother goose going?

Picture of Kimmy feeding the geeseShe's going to get some corn from Kimmy.

She'll be back on the nest soon.

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