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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wednesday WIngs - Pileated Woodpecker

For the last several decades the Pileated Woodpeckers have been extending their territory into SW Michigan where I live.

Across the street from our property is a many acred woods with wonderful old tall trees. This will only be the third summer the Pileateds have made it their home.

I hear them more often than I see them. Their raucous call carries a long distance from the tall tree tops where they stay.

Once in a while we get a visit to the wooded area just west of our house.

This picture was taken out the bathroom window with my zoom lens. The woodpecker was high up in an oak tree and I was on my knees on the floor in order to be able to aim the camera high enough to catch him.

They don't cross the street to our property very often. To my knowledge a Pileated has never ventured down to any of the feeders even though suet and peanuts are both visible from where they hunt for food.

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