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Friday, March 20, 2009

Chenille, March 2008-March 2009, R.I.P

Chenille has been frogged.

After Tuesday's post, I spread it out to look at it one more time. That's when I noticed that even the washed and blocked swatch did not transition well between the garter border and the start of the cables. There was no love left.

Thursday morning shortly after my first cup of coffee, I grabbed the bag, ripped out the stitch holders, and started frogging. There is now nothing left of Chenille except some slightly kinked light pink alpaca and the swatch. Since the swatch has been washed and blocked, I don't want to use it in whatever this yarn eventually becomes, but I'll have it if I need it.

According to the pattern found in Janet Szabo's Aran Sweater Design, she "took advantage of cable splay to make the bottom edge flare out a bit giving the illusion of waist shaping."

In this picture from the book, I don't see a wavy bottom edge, not an illusion of waist shaping.

There are still many things I like about this pattern. If I were to start it again, I'd begin the cable with the crosses and forget the cable splay idea.

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