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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chat Back for March 21

Answering questions from comments and email.

Dorothy asked . . .
Are you using the same blue? (as the swatch for the Lighthouse Gansey)

Yes. I ordered the two skeins of swatching Cotlin in Glacier/light blue thinking if it knit comfortably and washed nicely I would use it for a Gansey. After I got the yarn I remembered I've been wanting to knit the Lighthouse Gansey, so I ordered the pattern.

When I went back to Knitpicks to order enough yarn for the sweater, I noticed they have many new Cotlin colors for spring. Some were tempting, but I still stuck with the blue for my order.

Susan . . .
Ooh, have you seen that Knit Picks will have Comfy in sportsweight?


After washing a Comfy sweater multiple times, I wrote a brief yarn review of worsted weight Comfy here.

Kathleen asked . . .
You were doing this (Chenille) as a KAL with someone else weren't you? I was just wondering how her sweater was coming?

Dorothy is a smart lady. She caught on to the pattern problems before I did and stopped knitting before completing the entire sweater back. She plans to frog.

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