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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Spice Short Sleeve Gansey

Is there such a thing as gansey with short sleeves? I doubt it. My sweater is better described as a gansey inspired short sleeve, cotton/flax summer sweater.

Starting with a sketch of desired finished measurements I'm knitting it like a mystery sweater. Each time I finish a section I measure and, with the help of my large swatches, plan what to do next.

When it came time to divide for the arms holes, I decided I wanted to knit straight up so I could have maximum fun with the gansey stitch designs. I put in a little underarm gusset and just kept going.

This picture shows the back. The front is knit to the top of the third row of gansey patterns. Now I need to measure and plan what to do next. Do I need to keep knitting because it's too low for a neckline? Or can I put the front neck stitches on hold now and work the sides on up to the shoulders?

How long and how patterned the drop sleeves will be is still under consideration. Once the body and neckline are finished, I'll be able to try it on and figure out what kind of sleeves might look best. Also, I need to see how much yarn is left.

Pattern: Making it up as I knit using various knit purl stitch patterns from several Gansey books.

Yarn: Elann Coto Canapone. Worsted weight. 52% cotton, 48% hemp.

Color: Summer Spice.

Needles: Options #4

Gauge: 5.5 stitches/inch, 8 rows/inch.

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