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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wednesday Wings - Yum

A couple of hard working parents I caught taking a short break with their mouths full of goodies for the kids . . .

Song Sparrow.


The Wrens are going for a second brood in the same box. Only this time they piled the nest sticks up so high I won't be able to open the flap until nesting season is over.

It might look like even the Wrens can't get into this nest, but they fly right in, straight up and then down into the cup.

The "full box" Wren nest is the usual, not the shorter nest show in previous Wednesday Wings updates.

After last summer's nesting season, I took this picture of a Wren nest before cleaning out the nest box. Messy little housekeepers, but who can fault them. Raising a half dozen kids in a little box can't be easy.

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