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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chat Back for July 19

Answering questions from comments and email.

Wendy asked . . .
Where's your favorite place to buy birdy stuff?

In a normal week I end up driving the twenty some miles to Kalamazoo several times. On the way I pass Oak Ridge Feed, a friendly, family owned store. For years I've been stopping there to buy our birdy stuff and our dog food.

I'm sure they're not the cheapest place, but they do have deals for frequent buyers. I'm frequent for both birds and dogs. Plus, at over $4 a gallon, there are gas savings because I'm not driving any extra miles to shop.

The family who owns Oak Ridge loves animals, has quality products, and they carry it out to my car with a smile - just like they've been waiting all day to lift those heavy bags.

It could only be better if they'd follow me home, carry it in, and put it away.

Dorothy asked . . .
What's up now? Do you have time for a larger project before Chenille or will it be socks?

Dorothy and I are planning to start Chenille the first part of September, so that leaves a little over a month to get a few other things wrapped up.

The pieces of the Luna Bolero have been sitting in time out for almost a month. It needs to be sewn together, a million stitches need to be picked up for a front band, and another million for a tie.

I've been having too much fun with the Summer Spice Short Sleeve Gansey to finish the Luna Bolero. The bolero isn't going to get done until after the Gansey is finished.

I still have two untouched cones of Elann Soie Lin, a DK weight 70% silk, 30% linen purchased for summer knitting. I'm thinking something lace, but it's too soon to tell how it fits into my knitting schedule.

If the Lord and Northwest/Delta airlines are willing, I'll be in Idaho August 8 through August 14. September and autumn will be here way before I'm ready to think about another winter.

Teresa asked . . .
(about the Coto Canapone 52% Cotton, 48% Hemp)
Does it bother your hands knitting with this? I haven't used hemp but am thinking it probably doesn't have a whole lot more give than cotton?

I love this yarn. I'm tempted to buy another color to stash and I almost never buy yarn I'm not ready to knit. But after two projects (Carrie's Manon Shawl and Summer Spice Short Sleeve Gansey), I know I want to knit with it again.

It doesn't have any give at all. Surprisingly, it doesn't hurt my hands as cotton usually does.

The hemp makes it crisper than cotton. Washing softens it up somewhat. I'm fond of the crispness and hope it doesn't get softer each time it's washed. I'm not sure how soft it will get since the shawl and gansey swatches have only been washed once.

Kathy in Iowa wrote . . .
We have lots of Goldfinches (It's actually the Statebird of Iowa) but I have never seen a nest.

I've never seen a nest, either. Every summer I hope to find one. We have over a dozen nesting pairs. It seems like I'd stumble upon a nest eventually.

According to my bird reference book, the nests are built anywhere from one foot off the ground to forty feet up in a tall tree. Well, that narrows it down. Now I know where to look.

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