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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Oh Deer

This spring and summer we're seeing the largest number of deer since we moved here seventeen years ago.

It's always been common to see them in the road at dusk and dawn. This year they're popping out of the woods in broad daylight to stand in the road and dare cars to hit them.

According to the Michigan State Police there are over 65,000 car-deer crashes reported annually in Michigan.

These two deer pictures were taken out a front window at 9:30 in the morning.

Even though this deer had an entire woods of greenery to munch on, she(?) decided to step out to the road and eat some leaves off a fallen branch while eyeing what's left of my hostas.

Hostas grow great on our mostly shaded property. I have at least a dozen different varieties and (I'm totally guessing here) well over three hundred plants.

Deer love hosta, but they've never been bold enough to come right up to the house to eat them. Until this year.

This was a fine, mature hosta about three feet across before it became deer salad. Most of my green hostas look like this, except some don't even have a single leaf left.

The deer don't seem to like the mostly white hostas, but the green and blue ones are yummy.

Am I upset about this? If it keeps the deer out of the road and away from my car, I can deal with it. It's all part of living with nature.

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