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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Red Scarf on the Needles

This scarf is for the Red Scarf Project . The scarves collected in September and October will be sent in Valentine's Day care packages to encourage former foster care youth who are now attending college.

When I read about the project a few weeks ago, it sounded like the perfect match for the Swish superwash wool left over from the Red White Gansey. Since I have a self-imposed three project limit, I had to wait until the I Love Gansey socks were done before casting on.

If I had it to start over, I'd pick a different stitch pattern. I was counting on this to be an easy, quick knit, but this stitch pattern hasn't sunk into my brain to the point I can knit without looking at the chart yet. I'm not sure it's going to.

The pins are marking Row 1 of the pattern repeat. It will take 20 repeats to make a 60 inch scarf, the requested length. Since I'm a fourth done there isn't going to be any frogging to start something more compatible with my brain. I'll just keep knitting from the chart.

Pattern: 8 X 60 inch rectangular scarf using the stitch pattern from The Jeffrey Seamen's Scarf in Stahman Shawls and Scarves.

Yarn: Knitpicks worsted weight Swish, 100% superwash wool.

Color: Red

Needles: #7 Addi Turbo

Gauge: ~5 stitches/inch

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