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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Lots of Little Updates . . .

. . . with knitting first. So, if you only stop by for knitting content you can be quickly on your way. Except you may want to check out the handsome dog toward the end.

On the Needles. Still working away on the Red Scarf.

17 out of 20 pattern repeats are done. I hope to finish it today and mail it next week. No more pictures until it's done.

Next up - finish Mystery Stole 3, get busy on Autumn Song, and knit a pair of worsted weight birthday socks for DH Bob.

Downed Oak Tree Followup. The tree was cut into liftable logs, loaded into a truck, and carried it away by someone who wanted the fire wood.

Sounds quick and easy, but it took him two days and many trips. We were blessed with the sound of the chain saw added to the sounds of the track hoe, bulldozer, road grader, and dump trucks. It has not been a quiet week.

We have a new Microwave, a new hair dryer, two new surge strips, and a new modem to replace the devices that got fried when the tree came down on the power lines.

The hair dryer was a bit of a surprise. I leave my hair dryer plugged in. Not a good thing when you have a huge power surge. When I went to turn it on Tuesday morning, nothing happened. I calmly pushed the RESET button and WHAM! Just about blew the plug out of the socket and tripped the circuit breaker.

I didn't give it a second try.

Road Construction. As mentioned above, it was another noisy week on our formerly quiet country road. In addition to the noise, this week was heavy into dust. Or, more accurately, there was heavy dust.

You can guess at what a constant parade of these trucks does to a house. A fastidious housekeeper would be in tears.

Kimmy Starts 7th Grade. As predicted - by me, not Kimmy - Granddaughter Kimmy had no problem finding her way around her new, much larger school. She likes some of her teachers, is adjusting to her new surroundings, and all is well.

Pappy's Hot Spots. They're healed. He still chews on himself occasionally. So far it hasn't been enough to start a new serious problem.

We've learned a bit about reducing doggy stress during difficult construction days.
  • Sit down so they can snuggle up. I've been reading more than usual while soothing the two little dogs.

  • After a loud day with no doggy naps possible, skip doggy school. They're too tired to enjoy it.

  • Schedule outdoor walks every few hours and make them mandatory. Freaked out and/or overtired little dogs will pee in the house.

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