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Friday, September 14, 2007

Early Autumn Babble

It's early autumn in SW Michigan. There's a hint of color in the trees and there have been several days this week when it never reached 70 degrees.

Tomorrow night the predicted low is in the 30s. That's enough cold to make me think about turning on the furnace.

There hasn't been much knitting this week. I have 10 rows left on Mystery Stole 3. Hope to finish it this evening.

Bob's birthday socks are waiting on a Bretton yarn shipment from Patternworks. It was shipped two days ago so it could arrive any day now.

Autumn Song has been sitting around untouched but not forgotten. I'll be picking it up again very soon.

This week I surprised myself by having an irresistible urge to knit the Summer Shawlette, a short Faroese lacy shawl designed by Sandi Wiseheart.

Checking my stash, I found some heathery grape alpaca that was perfect, but I didn't have enough. So there's a Knitpicks package on the way.

Once the yarn arrives, this project is going to the front of the queue. At four stitches an inch, it shouldn't take long to finish.

Here's looking across the now treeless front third of our front yard. I think they're done in front of our house.

The Road Commission decided they could not move the road five feet up into our property because the creek is in the way. Duh? They didn't see the creek until they took down 30+ trees?

Anyway, that's good news for us. The road in front of our house is staying on the same road bed - unless they change their mind again. There's enough sunshine in the front yard so I can plant grass and there will be a lot less leaves to rake up this autumn.

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