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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Six Willows Down

Although we never thought we wanted our road paved and we certainly never thought we wanted the trees along our frontage removed, there are some benefits.

For the past several years it's been obvious that the six willow trees on a strip of land between the pond and the creek needed to be removed.

Before the county took down the huge pine trees lining the road, there was no way to reach these willow trees with the machinery needed to safely down them.

In this picture taken last weekend, the trees were old and falling apart. There were large, lethal, broken off branches hanging in the remains.

By the time our frontage trees were gone, we knew the owner of the tree service by first name. He was a nice young man and we contracted with his company to take down the willows, and grind the stumps down.

Monday morning they arrived once again to cut down more of our trees. This time we were happy to see them.

In this picture four trees were down, two still standing, and brittle, broken willow branches were everywhere - in the pond, on the land between the pond and the creek, in the creek, and on the land on the other side of the creek.

Tuesday morning when they came back for most of the clean up, one of the men was wearing waders to fish branches out of the creek and from across the creek.

By the time they finished and left Tuesday afternoon, the strip between the pond and creek was empty.

Ready for grass and maybe something else - but it won't be willows!

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