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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ravelry, Reality, and Rant

This morning my Ravelry invite was in my mailbox. Oh my!

My Ravelry name is knittingviolet.

I've entered my profile, my three current projects, and the few friends I could find.

Herbstlied (Autumn Song) was listed as a project but I seem to be the only one actually knitting it. That was a disappointment. I'm hoping my project will inspire some others to cast it on.

First impression - Ravelry is a work of genius and I'd love to spend hours and hours looking around.

Reality - I have dialup and a life. I'm not sure how Ravelry is going to fit into my online hours. Some of it is redundant to my blog postings and blog readings.

Rant - Why don't they do something really needed on my road like install a high speed internet connection? Isn't that more important than paving?

After several days of quiet, the road workers are back in front of our house today. They're removing tree stumps across the street with a Track Hoe that beeps while it's going forward as well as when it's backing up. Some of their work makes the house shake. It's so noisy here that DH Bob gave up listening to his audiobook.

This afternoon the Track Hoe and the Low Boy finally took the stump from the Biggest Oak. I see a trench in our front yard's future.

Tonight after the workers leave, we'll head down to the flooded end of the road to see what they've done.

The people in charge put up temporary mail boxes for us at that intersection. We need to get the mail - a perfect excuse to gawk at the roadwork. They're the smallest, flimsiest, mailboxes I've ever seen, but it beats having to drive to town and stand in line at the Post Office window.

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