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Friday, August 03, 2007

Knitting Log for August 3

Yes, there has been some knitting going on in the heat. I'm happily down to three projects and enjoying each one in its turn. Three seems to be my project number of comfort.

A new Mystery Stole 3 clue (a clue is the next part of the pattern) comes out every Friday. Knitting this stole is most fun if I'm ready for the new clue when it appears, so I've been making this my number one knit each Friday until I catch up.

The clues are small enough so I can get them finished in a few days at most.

Today we learned the theme: Swan Lake. The final three clues are going to create a swan wing on the final end of the stole. What fun. There's still some mystery. We don't know how the wing is going to look when finished. I can hardly wait to start Clue 5 this evening.

Project details and picture of my finished Clue 4 are here.

For the August Sock A Month KAL 4 I'm knitting myself a plain, wide ribbing pair of socks out of Opal Rainforest Raupe.

I tried several stitch patterns, but none of them were pretty with this colorway. It just begs to be by itself and show its caterpillar colors.

Raupe is German for caterpillar. I found this picture showing the caterpillar that almost perfectly matches the color patterns I'm getting on 56 stitches with #1 needles.

Identification of the corresponding butterfly has not been accomplished yet due to painfully slow dial-up connection and a desire to go knit instead of searching.

Anybody know what kind of raupe this is?

Last, but not least, is Herbstlied/Autumn Song.

One piece is the front, the other the back. At this point it doesn't matter which is which.

The first section of my chart is done on the big piece. It's time to work on the second piece until it gets to the same row. Then, it's time to cut and paste together a new chart for the next section up.

The stitch patterns all have different row repeats - 8,24,14,6, and 52 rows for the oak leaves. It's easier to knit if I can follow the same chart all the way across.

Pattern: Herbstlied (Autumn Song) from New Style of Heirloom Knitting.

Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes, 100% wool.

Color: Firecracker heather

Needles: Options #5.

Gauge: 5.5 stitches/inch, 8.4 rows/inch in pattern

Click on the label Herbstlied at the end of this post to see all posts on this blog mentioning Herbstlied.

Thinking it would be fun to knit the Sock A Month KAL 4 completely in the month of required completion, I whipped up a pair of CIC socks the last week of July while postponing the start of my August socks.

I like to have something simple around to pick up when I'm tired and/or want to pay attention to something other than my knitting.

They're knit from worsted weight Knitpicks Swish, obviously red, on 40 stitches and #3 needles. Made the pattern up as I knit.

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