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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Knitting Log for October 1, 2006

A review of what is on the needles, off the needles, and waiting to hop on the needles.

Finished neck on Peerie Brocade sweaterPeerie Brocade
Status? Happily knitting away on it almost every day. The body and the neckband are done. All that is left are the endless sleeves.

Estimated completion date? Hopefully by mid-October.

Inspiration? I'm looking forward to wearing this in the cool autumn weather. It needs to be done NOW.

Status? One more side to sew together, cuff to bottom ribbing.

Estimated completion date? Very soon. I'd like to wear it to church next Sunday if the weather is cool.

Excuse? I wish I had a good one. Where is my self-discipline when it comes to sewing up knitting projects? Once they're knit, I think of them as done. How can they be done when they're still in pieces?

The Real Excuse? I refuse to do a sloppy job so it takes me forever to sew and I'd rather be knitting. I spent one whole evening's knitting time sewing up the first side and haven't wanted to spend another evening on the second.

Blue Cozy in Cables Sweater
Status? This was my test sweater for the pattern. Since I used the second sleeve on the original as the test knit sleeve, I didn't feel I had to knit the sleeves on the test sweater before publishing. The sweater has been sitting in a knitting bag waiting for sleeves for almost a month.

Excuse? None.

Motivation to finish it? The CIC_Knit List is having a vest and sweater challenge in October/November. There are three other toddler sweaters I want to knit for CIC before the end of November.

  1. A child's gansey from my new book, Knitted Ganseys, using up the remainder of the Antique Rose Peruvian Highland Wool from my FLAK.

  2. A Log Cabin Child's Pullover using up leftover colors of Lopi.

  3. An original sweater using Knitpicks Wool of the Andes Bulky. I have grape and sky in my CIC stash just waiting to hop on the needles. I'd love to write a pattern for the CIC_Knit List to use, but I don't think it's going to get done for this challenge.

Blanket for Project Linus
Status? Waiting for addition yarn to arrive to see if dye lots match. Trying to forget how silly it was to start a project without enough yarn.

CIC Socks
Status? Ready to start toe decreases on both socks. These have been my waiting room knitting when Mom has a hand therapy session.

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