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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Second Cozy in Cables Done, Log Cabin Started

Blue Cozy in Cables CIC Sweater and a pair of socksPattern: Cozy in Cables Toddler Sweater for CIC

Yarn: Lopi

Needles: Addi Turbo 10.5

Gauge: 12 stitches/4 inches in SS

It really didn't take that long to knit the sleeves once I picked up the sweater and got started. Some Sunday evening knitting and they are done, the sweater is done, and I can cross this unfinished project off my list.

The little CIC socks have been my hand therapy waiting room knitting for the past few weeks.

Start of Log Cabin Sweater in red, gray, blue for CICPattern: Log Cabin Child's Pullover

Yarn: Lopi leftovers

Needles: US #9

Gauge: 3.5 stitches/inch and 7 rows/inch in garter stitch

If I finish two things, it's only fair I get to start one thing. Right?

I've been wanting to see how log cabin knitting works and this pattern seems perfect for knitting up my leftover Lopi. The pattern is basically two squares, the front and the back, with ribbing on the bottom and some easy drop sleeves.

There may be a trick to the log cabin knitting that I don't know. The rectangles where I have stitches on the holder to pick up are a bit longer than the rectangles where I'm picking up stitches from an edge.

Looking at the picture, it's easy to see the stitches that were on the holder bulging out a bit. Also, the bottom of the picture shows how I don't have a straight line between the bound stitches and the stitches on the holder.

Since this is a kids sweater for CIC, I'm not going to let my perfectionism result in frogging. It will block out into a colorful and very very warm sweater.

I won't knit log cabin again until I find some better instructions and learn how to do it better.

Grasshopper is screaming at me to sew up the last seam and get blocked. This is a very busy week and I really do not want to spend the little knitting time I have sewing seams. I'm ignoring it. Garter stitch Lopi suits my current mood for now.

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