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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


A few questions from the Blogiversary Contest Two need to be answered immediately. So here goes.

Sheila asked . . .
I would like to know how your mom is doing. Is she still going to rehab for her arm? I hope she continues to make an excellent and full recovery.
Nancy asked . . .
My number one question is "How is your Mom doing?" I hope her recovery is progressing well.
Mom trying her shoe laces(Read about Mom's accident here.)

Mom is doing great. She has some strength in her hand now and is excited that she can tie her shoe laces. She also can write with a pen as long as it doesn't require much pressure. It looks like she wrote during a bumpy car ride, but it's readable.

Before the week is over she hopes to be driving. She would have tried it yesterday, but her car decided it wouldn't start so it's in the repair shop today.

She is on an every other week schedule with the hand therapist now, and she does her exercises several times a day, every day. With therapy and hard work, she will eventually have a full recovery.

Dobarah who blogs at Artsy Math Teacher asked . . .
Will you drive or fly to visit Idaho?
I fly Kalamazoo to Minneapolis and then Minneapolis to Spokane. At the Spokane airport I rent a car and drive to Post Falls, Idaho, which is only about 20 miles from Spokane when I don't get lost.

Jenny Raye who blogs at Loves to Bike and Knit asked . . .
How many hours until the plane leaves for your next trip to Idaho? Cuz....I know you know.
Sydney sitting on my lap emptying a box of crayonsIf Northwest Airline is on time, the plane takes off next Wednesday morning, November 8, at 7:15 am.

This is a recent picture - two weeks ago - taken at Mom's apartment during Sydney's visit to Michigan.

Since I hadn't seen her since June, she wasn't sure she remembered me. We got reacquainted by emptying out a box of crayons, one crayon at a time.

Nannette asked . . .
Are you cheering for the Tigers???
Although I'm not an avid baseball fan, I did pay attention when the Tigers made the playoffs and I did cheer them on through their World Series loss.

Watch out baseball! There are many young players on the Tiger team who now have playoff experience. They will be back more mature and better in future years. Ready to win it all!

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