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Friday, May 20, 2005

Very Last Backyard Leaves Contest Post

Sheep card with fleece and spun wool partially knitLook what I got in the mail from Birdsong! Isn't this the cutest knitting card ever?

That is real wool, real needles, real knitting. Inside is a special, handwritten note (she has beautiful handwriting) thanking me again for the scarf.

Birdsong was the winner of the Backyard Leaves Scarf I knit and gave away to a randomly selected commenter. If you click on the Birdsong link, you'll see a picture of her wearing the scarf after she received it last Saturday. (You'll also see cute and interesting burro pictures.)

She has been more appreciative and gracious than I ever expected from the winner. In fact, this was the first contest I ever tried and I didn't know what to expect from anyone.

In general, there were few surprises. The contest went smoothly.

All of the comments were either friendly, flattering, helpful, or amusing. I enjoyed hearing from my readers and tried to answer as many comments as possible. Also, I had fun visiting the blogs of the commenters who left a link.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was surprised that only about 5% of visitors to Stitches of Violet left a comment to enter the contest. I would have guessed at least 30% would do so. There were several interesting thoughts on why there were so few comments compared to number of readers.

I'm thinking maybe knitters are too nice to want to get something for nothing. No? Maybe knitters don't want something that's already knit. Is yarn a better contest prize?

Will I have another contest?

Yes. It was fun. Any suggestions?

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