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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Linking to Some Good Stuff on May 15

Thursday morning I sent the Backyard Leaves scarf to contest winner Birdsong in California. She received it on Saturday.

Then, bless her heart, she put it on and took a picture to post on her blog. Check it out. She's an interesting lady with an intersting blog. And the scarf looks great on her.

Colette is a knitter, spinner, and Master Gardener on Washington's Kitsap Penninsula. All things that interest me, but she hooked me on her blog, Sereknitty, with some great pictures of an egg hatching.

It's worth a click and a few minutes of your time to check out her Hey Chickie! post from May 7.

For any who would like to see sixteen new pictures of one month old Granddaughter Sydney taken while I was in Idaho, they're here.

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