Let the past sleep, but let it sleep in the sweet embrace of Christ, and let us go on into the invincible future with Him. (Oswalt Chambers)

Monday, May 02, 2005

Sad Dogs and Red Socks

Pappy and Sunny curled up together on the bed looking sad because Mom is packingOh no! Mom's got that big black box with wheels thing out of the closet and she's putting her stuff in it!

We know what that means. She's going to go into that big building with the big noisy things that fly and she won't come back out for a long long time.

We are people dogs and we like our whole family to be together. Dad will take good care of us, but we're going to miss Mom.

My flight leaves at 7:23 in the morning. A decent hour if we weren't supposed to be at the airport two hours before that time.

The Kalamazoo Airport is small so I can fudge a little on the two hours, but it's still a half hour drive and we're all going to be up before the sun.

That's right, all of us. Bob believes it is important the dogs see me go into the airport so they know what happened to me.

My opinion is that the dogs would rather stay home and sleep at that hour. But he's the one who has to answer them when they start looking for me, so he's going to get his way.

Start of Hearts 'N Hugs Socks in red Opal UNI-SolidI'm taking Heather's birthday socks to work on while I'm in Idaho.

The red Opal UNI-Solid just begged to be hearts, so it will be. This pattern is Joy Slayton's Hearts 'N Hugs.

Weather Whine
Mom and Dad bluebird are delivering food to the nest box, but it's too cold, windy, and wet to open it and get a picture of the hatchlings. In fact, it snowed several times today. Not serious snow, but obvious white stuff coming down.

Looking on the bright side, the weather saved me from going out to do yard work today and getting sore for the trip. Every snow cloud has a silver lining.

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