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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Joanne's Basketweave Ribbing Socks

Joanne's Basketweave Ribbing SocksLast week I received an email from Joanne saying:
I am Joanne and I have just finished knitting your lovely sock pattern. I used Sock That Rock yarn which I dearly love to work with. Next will be Opal that I won in the drawing. I thought you might be interested in a picture of the socks I knit from your pattern. Thanks so much for sharing a lovely idea!
Yes I was interested! I love seeing socks that people have knit from my patterns. (Links on the sidebar.)

When I wrote back to Joanne asking for permission to post her gorgeous sock picture, I also asked about the yarn. She replied:

I would be honored if you posted my sock on your site. I have admired your work and I am fairly new at this sock making business so I would be very
proud to be included. Your pattern was a joy to make and the Socks That Rock yarn is outstanding.
She may be new to sock knitting but looking at all those even, tidy stitches I bet she's not a new knitter. Beautiful knitting, Joanne.

A little more from Joanne about the Socks That Rock Yarn:

It is very tightly spun and has a nice elasticity to it. This is my second pair of socks using this yarn.

The website shows all the wonderful colors....you will drool when you see them!
The yarn is available from The Fold in Marengo, Illinois. The colorway in the picture is Watermelon Tourmaline, a semi precious stone/rock. Love it.

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