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Monday, September 08, 2014

Wednesday Full of Wows

Behind in my blogging. Four day weeks like last week should not be allowed when there's as much to do as we need to do. Because we're moving in a little over a month!

Our trip to Oak Haven last Wednesday was supposed to be to meet with Graham, the finish man who is going to build the insides of our closets. We were so distracted by all the exciting things going on in the house it was difficult to concentrate on closets.

First thing we got excited about was the appliances in the garage. We spotted them before we ever got out of the car - Jay's dream refrigerator, a stove, and a dishwasher.

Once Jay spotted his pantry, there was no stopping his excitement.

Beautiful, sturdy shelves that pull out. Lots of storage.

Happy man.

Interior doors and trim were up in several places.

Also trim around some of the windows. Graham, who is doing the closet interiors, is also doing the inside trim. To this non-builder person, it appears he's doing a beautiful job.

The half wall around the stairwell has been converted into something nice.

The temporary stairs built for the construction people have been replaced by the base for the oak steps that are going in with the flooring.

There are now French doors going out to the four season room.

Not sure why I took another picture of window trim. Overexcited I guess. Everytime we come out to see what's going on it's looking more and more like a place we want to live. And so far there has been no disappointment with our choices of style or color.

After Graham finished telling us how his ideas for our closets would be better than ours (which we were happy to hear because he knows what he's doing and we don't), we went up to main office to select the grout color for the compass.

Kelli, the amazing lady who helps us know what we want, had the compass on the conference room table and a selection of grout colors. This was a monumental moment in our building process. Jay found his dream slate mosaic compass on an internet site and had it ordered without ever seeing it in person. It's the piece that's going to make our house truly unique and ours, and we've been anxious to make sure it is as beautiful as the internet picture.

In the picture above, there is still a layer of plastic over a quarter section of the compass, but the colors are stunning and beautiful and we couldn't be happier with it.

We picked expresso grout, a dark brown. Kelli approved, so we know it's going to look perfect.

I have observed that technical professionals are either calendar people or map people. Some are both.

I am a calendar person. When I have a project to do I start drawing boxes to represent days or weeks and sketch out a plan timeline. It almost never works out that way because I don't schedule in the unexpected stuff, but that's another story.

Jay is a map person. When he worked in the office next to mine his entire bottom file drawer was nothing but maps to anywhere you might want to go. It was an amazing collection. The slate compass in the foyer is in honor of his mapiness. He doesn't know yet that I will be painting a calendar on the breakfast room wall.


L. g. Norwood said...

Some appliance makers limit the time shipping damage can be reported. If it will be a while before they are installed, open them and inspect.
We learned the hard way!

kathy b said...

I LOVE the compass. Oh my!