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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cabinets and More Cabinets

The Wednesday trip to Oak Haven was so much fun. The cabinets were in place. No hardware yet and no countertops, but in place. The countertop man is coming from Grand Rapids to measure tomorrow.

We extended the kitchen cabinets down one wall of the breakfast room. The lower cabinets are only a foot deep, and the upper are normal depth.

We will probably store our Fiestawear in the glass doors, or maybe not. I have some old dishes I'd love to display. Jay has a totally overcrowded curio cabinet full of interesting things, some of which need to be distributed into alternate display areas so they can be properly admired and enjoyed.

Deciding where to put things when combining two households is a challenging exercise.

Looking down the right side of the kitchen, including the breakfast room cabinets.

Looking down the left side of the kitchen, including Jay's pantry.

The back side of the kitchen that separates the kitchen from the dining room.

Time out from cabinets for a minute. The trim is on the arched window in the four season room.

Laundry room cabinets. There is a base cabinet with a utility sink under the right upper unit. The left upper unit is over the washer and will be open adjustable shelves for our laundry supplies.

The master bath has knotty alder cabinets. That's a linen cabinet on the right.

We talked about having knotty alder in the kitchen, but it came with a warning that the knots are unpredictable and might prevent the hardware from being attached symmetrically. My brain could not be happy with door/drawer handles in random positions, so we limited the knotty alder to the master bath.

Now that I've seen it in a big piece, I'm very glad the whole kitchen isn't done in wood this busy. And the name of our our house is Oak Haven. Not Knotty Alder Haven. We're hiding the knotty alder away in a back room.

The cove molding is up in the bedroom.

Somehow I managed to miss getting a picture of the chair rail in the dining room. Maybe next time.


kathy b said...

Fiesta ware in the glass will be so lovely!

Anonymous said...

It's looking better and better each time