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Monday, September 15, 2014

Sunny's First Visit to Oak Haven

Jay was out of town for a UC Bearcat football game, so I decided it was time to take Sunny out to see her future new home.

She was very excited and ran around looking the whole place over, inside and outside, like she knew it was something important for her. Or maybe she was looking for the right place to pee. Whatever, she was excited and had a great time.

We have top soil and it's not too difficult to imagine a driveway and grass growing in the yard.

There were few new things to get excited about, although it was obvious people had been working to finish up the trim and the get the cabinets in place.

The lazy susan is enclosed now, but still lacking the final trim. The chair rail is new this trip.

Chair rail in corner of breakfast room.

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kathy b said...

Sunny is soooo cute in her carseat