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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Painting Done

Blogging this house update from Hilton Head Island. The pictures are six days old.

It's beautiful and relaxing here, but I do occasionally think about the finishing being done on the house and wish I could see what is happening.

Driving up last Wednesday we noticed the frame for the driveway and sidewalks.

Friday morning when we checked on the house one last time before leaving, the cement had been poured and was dry enough to walk on.

Hard to get an accurate picture of the paint colors. The wall that runs the length of the house, starting at the breakfast room in front and ending with the dining room in the back, is tricolored.

The top is Pumpkin Spice (an accent color), the chair rail is Soft Chamois (ceiling, trim, and closet color), the bottom is Sandy Brown (the main, default wall color).

The quartersawn oak cabinets stained chestnut go gorgeous with the Pumpkin Spice upper wall. I have loved these colors my whole life and doubt I'll ever get tired of looking at them together. They're trendy right now and will probably look dated in a few years, but that's what old people do - they stick with what they like.

When picking paint, I looked at every orange/tangerine/terra cotta chip there was until I was totally crazy looking at colors. Jay put me out of my indecisive misery by selecting the Pumpkin Spice. It's just perfect for us and goes great with the flooring and the slate compass.

Our other accent color is Kensington Blue, commonly known as a light navy blue. This is how it looks on one bedroom wall. The rest of the bedroom is Sandy Brown. We also have Kensington Blue on the TV wall in the great room, and the short, far wall in the laundry room.

The four season room painted.

The closets are all painted Soft Chamois, our trim color. It is a light antique white.

When we stopped at the house on the way out of town last Friday, the flooring man was there with a truck full of hardwood flooring. He was sanding the subfloor smooth and told us he would be installing flooring this week.

Looking forward to seeing the flooring, counter tops, and light fixtures when we get back.

Also looking forward to Wednesday, October 15 for the closing on my house in the wilds of Almena Township. Long time blog readers know I have enjoyed living there for twenty-three years. And now I'm going to enjoy selling it and moving to Oshtemo Township with Jay. Life is good. Very good.


Anonymous said...

It is really coming along. It's exciting to watch the progress.

kathy b said...

You deserve the wonderful new home with your new husband. The three season room is sooooo pretty. Im so glad you have that one. The blue paint is lovely. The PUMPKIN just perfect.
So excited for you