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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Walls With Window Holes

We drove out to Westport Village about four this afternoon.

As we drove up we could see activity and progress. Many more walls have gone up and all the trenches have been backfilled.

We ignored the mud and took a walk around our house.

On the right, mostly south side of the house we can see where our bedroom window will be.

Looking down the back of the house we can see the four season room sticking out. The door opening will be the door to the deck.

Getting a little muddier, we walked to the back. The three transom windows are in the master bedroom. The full size window is in the flex room/hobby room.

A closer look at the four season room with its door to the deck.

If you've read this far, you may be interested in knowing if you click on any of these pictures they enlarge so you can see much more detail.

That's the back of Jay standing in the mud and admiring the back, mostly east, windows of the four season room.

Slogging on across the back of the house, these two windows are in the great room.

Here is a bit of a problem. There is supposed to be a stairwell window on the mostly north side of the house. Since we just finalized the size of this window yesterday, we figured the specs hadn't caught up with the building crew yet. When we got home Jay sent an email about it to Kelli, the amazing lady who helps us know what we want.

We looked around the inside from the breakfast area window in the front of the house. We could see the outlines of several rooms and closets.

The people working on our house are very friendly. The woman invited us to come on in, but we decided we would rather go in the first time when we won't be in the way and we can be alone.

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