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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Visible Roof Lines

The late Friday afternoon visit to Oak Haven was very exciting. Not hard to do. We're excited every time we go out there.

The trusses are all up and the sheathing is on, showing the roof line and shaping our new house into the home it will become.

The crew got a lot of work done between rain storms. There is only one small spot in the back still roofless.

Two new additions to the front yard: a porta potty and a huge trash container. Both very classy.

The neighbors moved in several weeks ago but we haven't met them yet. We haven't even seen them yet. Their landscaping started a few days ago and we have new property markers between our lots.

We are puzzled over the Wraptor paper around the lower part of the garage. Is it different from the top paper? Or did they just switch brands? And why did they 'wrap' the garage door opening? We can guess, but we don't know.

It was too muddy to walk around the house and take more pictures, but I did walk up to the front door and take a picture of the inside.


JennR said...

The garage doors get wrapped because it saves a lot of time while wrapping, and it keeps the weather off the door frame until they can get the siding/doors up. When they get to installing the garage doors, they'll cut back the wrap and wrap it around the doorframe under the siding.

Looks like a nice place. :)

Marguerite said...

Thanks. That makes sense.