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Sunday, May 11, 2014

We Think the Hole is Complete

When we got back to town yesterday we stopped out to see if we had a basement wall. Jay bet we would. I bet we wouldn't. I won a dollar. There's been rain.

Even knowing that blog readers are not impressed with three posts of pictures of dirt and a big hole, here are more. I think they are totally exciting. Click on them to get a more detailed look at the dirt.

We think we know what we're looking at, and we think the hole is finished. It looks full size and the big equipment is gone. We are not experienced home builders and could be wrong.

The first picture is the basement. The house will be facing south west and the back is slanted away from our neighbor.

We think the plateau is the garage placement with a trench for footings dug out around it.

Tomorrow we meet with Kelli to learn about hardwood floors and make a tentative selection. Seems early in the process, but much of the interior choices are dependent on the flooring. Could be the most important decision for the interior other than the floor plan.

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