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Friday, May 30, 2014

Subfloor Is Done

Late Friday afternoon we headed out to see if there was any progress on the condo. WOW! The basement support wall is in and the subfloor is done. We are very excited, but not too excited to take pictures that almost no one but us will understand or want to see.

This is what we see from the road, Harborview Court.

Looking a little closer we notice that the cement walls have not been backfilled yet.

The garage is on the right, the indentation for the porch is in the middle, and our office is on the left.

Getting even closer, we see that our subfloor is totally beautiful.

The plank is still there to get over the trench. As much as we would love to stand on our new floor, Jay and I do not use the plank. With age comes wisdom.

On the left, mostly north side of the house there is a hole for the future stairway. Right now it contains a ladder.

On the back, mostly east side of the house we are able to peek into the basement and see our supporting wall that separates the future living area from the storage area.

The room jutting out on the left side of the picture is the three season room.

This picture shows the garage from the right, mostly south side of the house. I have to admit that this picture is even a bit boring for me to view. But it's part of the building record and I'm not deleting it.

Jay is checking out a large hole in the front yard. There is a white X on one side of it and we think it's the hookup to the water main.

Having lived with a well and septic system for almost twenty-three years, I am very very excited about sewer and water hook ups.

Jay went over to peek in the neighbor's windows to check out the progress on their interior. There is some furniture in there now, so today was the end of our peeking.

The trailer for the framers is still on site and there is plenty of lumber yet to use. We're thinking we will have actual rooms by the end of next week. And maybe even a roof.

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