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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Basement Walls on May 18

Visiting our future home on Sunday most of the mud had dried and we were able to walk around the lot and see more of the basement walls. We are probably the only two people on earth who find them beautiful with the possible exception of the people who poured them.

I use the word 'house' instead of 'condo', but it actually is a free standing condominium. I think of it as my future home/house and the word 'house' sounds cozier.

This is the back, mostly east, side of the house looking toward the front. That's PORKY, Jay's Explorer, parked in the cul-de-sac. Not much of interest got captured in the picture. The interesting part of the back is out of the picture to the right.

View down the left, mostly north, side of the house from front to back. The cutouts on the back wall are basement transom windows in the rec room.

Another view from front to back showing the same two transom windows. The room jutting out the back is the three season room. We feel fortunate that our building site allows for a basement underneath it. That part of the basement will be storage area.

This is a peek down into the hole on the mostly south side where the basement ends on the right and the garage begins on the left.

Looking north to south, left side of house to right side of house. Can see the footing for the basement divider/support wall going down the center of the basement floor. The front, mostly west side of the basement is storage. The back, mostly east side of the basement will be a finished rec room and guest bedroom and bath.

Looking at the unfinished neighbors house, their three season room is on stilts and does not have a basement. Their house is not the same model as ours, so the finished shape does not correspond to our layout. (Because I know I'm going to have some detail people reading this who are going to try and match the almost finished house with our basement.)

The egress window from the guest bedroom on the mostly south side of the house toward the back.

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Gregg Hogan said...

I totally agree! Calling it a condo, instead of a house, seems too detached. At any rate, I love how the basement's layout is panning out. Seems like it's going to look awesome, once it's finished. Thanks for sharing the progress, Marguerite! All the best to you! :)

Gregg Hogan @ American Basement Solutions