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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Wings - On the Power Line

The power line that crosses the back three acres is a favorite resting spot for some of the birds. Sort of like a birdy front porch rocking chair.

Male Towhee.

Female Bluebird.

Mr. Rosy (Rose-breasted Grosbeak) is not directly on the line, but I wanted three pictures and the line is visible in the background so I'm counting it.


Kate/Massachusetts said...

Your birds are so pretty! Because of your bird posts, I got my husband to put up a bluebird box under the apex of our shed. For two years only hornets inhabited it - we decided it would just have to be "decoration". Two weeks ago my husband came running in the house to announce that the box had a bluebird couple in it! We have been watching them ever since and are so thrilled to see them. DH has now put up another box on the other side of our yard but has been diligently discouraging a sparrow couple who are determined to nest in it. Thank you so much for all you bird pictures!

Dorothy said...

Glad you got the Louises in, even if not all in one picture. Sprout looks very comfortable. Really makes me contemplate a short sleeve sweater. It would definitely get a lot of wear in our climate.

Judy S. said...

Don't you love towhees? Would you believe I saw a goldfinch today for the first time ever in our yard! Also a very cheeky young deer who was munching away and not a bit afraid of me. Love your sweater! I didn't realize the design was on the back too; that would make doing the back much more interesting!

janet said...

Those birds are lovely! And appropriate for me today. I entered my bird quilt into a bloggers quilt festival today, and then came here to read your post showing lovely birds. enjoy your photos so much!

Jean said...

So beautiful, your photos never fail to amaze me, I can just imagine how wonderful they must be to listen to.