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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Wings Nestbox Report

The bluebirds were scheduled to hatch last Wednesday. It was a chilly, windy day so I didn't peak into the box. Then it got really cold - white frost on the ground four nights in a row. And the wind blew and it rained. Best to keep the box shut and hope the naked hatchlings were warm enough to survive.

Today, after a week of unpleasant weather, the warmer air descended, the sun came out, and I dared to look in the box. There were five healthy looking fuzzy bluebird hatchlings waiting to have their picture taken.

Actually, they were waiting for me to close the box and leave them alone so their parents could bring food. So I did.

Yesterday I noticed a Tree Swallow sitting on a nest box located near the pond.

The swallows like to gracefully cruise over the water and scarf up insects. We have plenty insects to spare here.

Today Mr. and Mrs. Swallow have claimed their box. There's the start of a nest inside and when I approached closer they dive-bombed my head.


Judy S. said...


janet said...

It must be just beautiful where you live, and the birds are wonderful. I so enjoy your photos.

Pam said...

I love your postings of birds we don't get here in Texas. Keep the photos coming!

Thanks for peeks of the new homesteads!

Alwen said...

It was c-c-cold, wasn't it!

I finally saw Mama Robin feeding babies today!