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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sprout in Action

Early last evening I headed east to granddaughter Kimmy's choir concert at Pennfield High School northeast of Battle Creek.

On the way, I picked up Mom and asked her to snap a few Sprout pictures while it was still daylight. Thanks Mom.

I'm not broad in the shoulders. If I had it to knit over, I would shape the set-in sleeves more so they fit my shape better.

Pattern: Cultivated Vines by Sara Louise Harper in the May, 2010 Creative Knitting

Pattern Modifications:
  • Knitting lower two-thirds of sweater in the round instead of separate front and back.
  • Pattern goes from size 38 (too small) to size 42 (too big). I'm knitting a between size, size 40 on 240 stitches.
  • Used neck shaping for size 38 and sleeve shaping for size 42.
  • Shortened sleeves so they'll end just above my elbow.

Yarn: Knitpicks Cotlin, a DK weight 70% Tanguis cotton 30% linen yarn.

Color: Sprout, a summery green.

Needles: Options #4, 3.5mm.

Gauge: 6 stitches/inch, 8 rows/inch in stockinette.

Kimmy and her Great-grandma Monette after the concert.

The concert was very entertaining and impressive. Kimmy had a small solo belted out clear and on key. We were all very proud of her. She's ending her freshman year. It will be fun to see what she does with her singing talent as she progresses through high school.


Marie said...

Very attractive--and it just sings "spring" almost as much as your bird pictures. Wear in good health.

Mrs. Susan Wike said...

Kimmie and your Mother are so lovely! They both have beautiful coloring and look so happy!

Ann said...

You look great in Sprout. Just the right color for spring.

Susan said...

What a pretty pullover! It looks great and comfy too. The picture of your mom and Kimmy is wonderful. Your mom looks too good to be a great-grandmother to such a grown-up young lady.

Walden said...

Sprout looks wonderful!

Becky said...

Sprout is gorgeous. It looks great on you. What a sweet looking family, too.

Anonymous said...

How nice you look in your new sweater! Your Mom looks younger each time I see her photograph.

janet said...

You look great in that beautiful sprout! It's a lovely color.
My youngest daughter had her last concert last night, she graduates in a few weeks. It goes by much too quickly!

Phil & Gale said...

Love your new Sprout! I believe I am inspired. I went and got out my copy of the magazine and will delve the depths of my stash to see if I have anything appropriate. Thanks for sharing.

Alwen said...

I can see what you mean about the shoulders, but overall it looks great. I can't wear the pretty springy yellow-greens, which is such a pity, because I love them.