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Monday, March 15, 2010

Simple Socks and Snowdrops

Dog trainer Gail's second pair of birthday socks were done for delivery last Thursday.

Pattern: Basic cuff down sock pattern on 64 stitches. k7p1 ribbing on cuff and instep.

Yarn: Opal.

Color: Rainforest Emil, a furry monkey.

Needles: Options #1, 2.5mm

Gauge: 8 stitches/inch, 10 rows/inch

I've never used this yarn before. These socks are an experiment to see if Sister Carrie likes the Panda Soy as well or better than the Panda Cotton.

She'll be getting one pair of each yarn to be sure she receives something she likes in case she doesn't like the Panda Soy.

Panda Soy is nubby. I tried a few simple stitch patterns and they didn't show up except to make the socks look like they were full of knitting errors. Frog, frog. Now the socks are a simple k3,p1 ribbing.

Pattern: Basic cuff down sock pattern on 56 stitches. k3p1 ribbing on cuff and instep.

Yarn: Crystal Palace Panda Soy, 49% bamboo, 33% Cotton, 18% elastic nylon.

Color: Hazelnuts.

Needles: Options #1, 2.5mm

Snowdrops, one of the first little bulbs to bloom in early spring.


Tah said...

I received my birthday socks and really like them. Have worn them once so far and will be wearing them again on Thursday.

Kathy said...

Lucky lucky dog trainer Gail. Great yarn colorway.

Interesting and good infor you shared about the nubby Panda yarn.....

Alwen said...

I love snowdrops, so pretty and so tough!

My mom gave me a clump years ago, and boy have they spread!

Carrie said...

Two pairs of socks! How exciting!

Ann said...

Lovely socks. I really like the simple ribbed pattern as it shows off the colors so well.