Let the past sleep, but let it sleep in the sweet embrace of Christ, and let us go on into the invincible future with Him. (Oswalt Chambers)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Farewell Doggy School

When Sunny and I started doggy school in 2001, I only planned on taking a ten week puppy class so she could learn basic manners. She loved it and I loved it. We ended up going through an Intermediate Class. Then we moved on to Hobby Advanced until her back got too fragile to continue in 2009.

When middle age Pappy joined the family in 2002 he had many "issues". He started doggy school, gradually resolved his issues with the help of dog trainer Gail, and ended up in Hobby Advanced. For many years, I went to to Hobby Advanced class twice a week, once with Sunny, again with Pappy. It was fun and a big part of my life.

That's why I cried last night when Pappy had his last doggy school class. He is just too old to continue.

To mark the occasion and bring back some fond memories, here are a few of my favorite pictures from his doggy school days.

Kalamazoo Do-Dah Parade, June 2004.

Briarwood dogs and owners marched as the Briarwood Beach Bums and won second place.

I promised Pappy if he would leave the Doggles on for the entire parade he would never had to wear them again. He did and I kept the promise.

Picnic at Lake Michigan, Summer 2005. Gail is teaching Pappy to swim.

I love the way his tail sticks up above the water.

He did swim in Lake Michigan. He'd rather not. I never made him swim again.

Christmas Party, 2004.

He wants to, but he didn't.

Halloween Party 2008.

Pappy the pumpkin.


Dorothy said...

Love the pictures. I'm so sorry this fun time has come to an end for you. I've always envied your fun classes. Mine are fun too, but we don't do nearly the fun things you've done. Will they still at least invite you back for the parties?

momsue84 said...

I'm so sorry, Marguerite, that this part of your life and Pappy's life has come to an end. But, know this! You gave both dogs excellent training, tons of fun and socialization with other dogs. All of that is spelled L.O.V.E. Milo and I send our warmest thoughts for all of you.

Tah said...

Aw. I'm sorry your Doggy School has come to an end. It's sad to hear.

Nancy said...

Doggy school taught all three of you so much. I guess it's time to move on though that is seldom easy.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet face -- he is a beautiful boy.

I am sorry that Doggy school has come to an end for Pappy.

I love the Christmas cookie picture!!


Jean said...

This post touched my heart, I do hope they get to visit, I consoled myself - at least they have each other. They have a loving and wonderful human family to belong who give them lots of love.

Megan said...

What special memories. You all look you are having so much fun.