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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Gail's Opal Emil Socks, Standing Water and Mud

Mindless knitting. Very mindless knitting.

My sweater yarn, Slackford Studio Hedonist (80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon) fingering weight in a bright blue/turquoise color called Cote d'Azur has been shipped. I'm hoping it's here for weekend knitting.

Meanwhile, I'm finishing up mindless knitting birthday socks.

Pattern: Basic cuff down sock pattern on 64 stitches. k7p1 ribbing on cuff and instep.

Yarn: Opal.

Color: Rainforest Emil, a furry monkey.

Needles: Options #1, 2.5mm

Gauge: 8 stitches/inch, 10 rows/inch

Snow and ice mealing leaves standing water because the ground is too frozen to absorb the water.

Tonight, for the first time during this gradual thaw, it's going to stay above freezing. And rain. Nothing works as well as rain to melt the remaining ice and snow.

Things are going to very very messy. Typical early spring. No one complains. We just wipe up the muddy footprints and smile because it's not snowing.


Dorothy said...

That is a very interesting colorway. I googled Emil monkey and the nearest I could find was a marmoset named after Emil Goeldi. It looked like a fair match. I'm looking forward to seeing your sweater - hmmm. A sweater in fingering. A gansey of your own design, perhaps??

Artseycrafts said...

The yarn you are using for Gail's socks is very unusual. I like it.

Ann said...

The colors of the yarn is really unique & gorgeous. The socks may be simple but look great.