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Monday, March 08, 2010

Carrie's Basketweave Birthday Socks Finished, First Robin

I've mentioned this before, but since I only knit with Panda Cotton once a year I'll repeat. Panda Cotton is nice to knit. Good stitch definition, smooth feeling on the needles. Sister Carrie says it washes and wears nice.

It does have a slight tendency to split. Keeping my eyes on my knitting helps to keep the stitches whole. Stitches that do split are easily tinked and reknit catching all the strands.

The birthday sock marathon is almost over. Today I ordered yarn for a sweater. Details when it arrives.

Pattern: Basketweave Ribbing Socks modified to use 56 stitches instead of 64 by omitting one 8 stitch pattern repeat.

Yarn: Crystal Palace Panda Cotton. 59% bamboo, 25% cotton, 16% nylon.

Color: Trail Mix.

Needles: Options 2.5mm circulars.

Gauge: 8 stitches/inch, 10 rows/inch.

I've been taking my camera out on every dog walk just in case a Robin showed up.

Success at 5:30 pm today. It's officially spring now.


Jan said...

RE: The robins. Yes ma'am and there's lots more on the way. They pass thru Tallahassee in March, they never pick the same week 2 years in a row. We wake up to hundreds (really!) in our front yard for 5-7 days and then poof, they're gone. They are starting to thin out now, leaving the blue jays and cardinals alone for a few weeks before the 'summer' birds start fighting them for nesting spots.

Qutecowgirl said...

Cool! I saw my first this morning. About 9:15 while I was walking back from dropping the kids off at school (they like to walk to school, I am not going to argue)

Oh I am on Long Island NY. Though it is totally possible that they have been around longer

Judy said...

I haven't seen one here yet.

But, I have popped an alphabet "R" card in the window. The "R" word picture is of a Robin. So, at least when I look out the window, I see one!

I'll take spring anyway I can get it!

Artseycrafts said...

Nice socks. I am anxious to see the details about your sweater.

We have Robins year round and I think Spring has unofficially arrived (72 degrees yesterday).

Renee said...

Hooray for robin!!!!

JakkiMitch said...

Do you still have snow on the ground? We usually get robins in mid-March, but there's still a lot of snow this year. I'll be on the look-out for my first robin.

Carrie said...

BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much!

Alwen said...

My back yard is full of snow and bluebirds today. And I heard sandhill cranes!

Kathy said...

LOve your basketweaves. Such an impressive pattern.