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Friday, August 14, 2009

Grumbling by the Number

Sock Innovation Errata
My favorite sock book of the summer, Sock Innovation by Cookie A., contains 15 sock patterns. 10 of these patterns have errata.

Isn't errata for two-thirds of the patterns just plain sloppy publishing?

The errata is online. What about the knitters who bought the book, are not computer savvy, and are trying to knit these intricate socks? Or, as often happens, the oblivious or forgetful sock knitter who tries knitting one of the patterns without looking for errata?

Why can't the patterns be in some electronic format by the time they go to the test knitters and then transformed into the final book without being reentered with errors?

If that's not technically possible (which I don't believe), then why not have the final draft test knit again instead of annoying knitters with a book full of errors?

Knitpicks Cotlin
I decided to order some Knitpicks Cotlin for an early autumn sweater. Every color I might have wanted is out of stock. Not just a week or so out of stock, but one or two months.

There are 23 Cotlin colors. 4 will be restocked September 18. 5 will be restocked October 16.

I like this yarn a lot and don't want to try an unknown. So that leaves me with colors I don't love or nothing. I'm pouting.

KAL Participation
This isn't a grumble, just a puzzling (to me) observation.

At the end of July the Sock Innovation KAL Sock Innovation KAL, (a Ravelry link) had 2,643 members. Only 120 pairs of socks were completed.

That's 4.5% participation. What are the rest of the knitters doing? Just lurking to admire the pictures of finished socks?

Or maybe they couldn't finish their socks because they didn't find the errata?

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