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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why Is the Barn Wearing A Wig?

Thursday night while trying to get some sleep after a tense day in the hospital while Mom had surgery, Mother Nature decided to deliver a whopper storm with much thunder (all the better to freak out the dogs), wind (all the better to blow down branches, trees, and take the power out), and lightening (all the better to light the house after the power went out.)

When we got up the next morning and looked outside, there were (still are) sticks and branches all over the yard and the barn was wearing a wig.

A walk behind the barn disclosed a huge old willow tree blown over complete with root ball.

Since the hospital half promised Mom could come home that morning, I packed my clean clothes in a bag (no power = no water = no shower), picked enough branches out of the driveway so I could drive to the road, picked the large branches out of the road so I could head for Kalamazoo.

Most of the debris in the road I could drive around. This tree I drove under, but not before seeing another car do it successfully.

Mom was in fine spirits and ready to walk the halls to prove she could go home.

She's rolling her eyes because I just told her how lovely she looks in her blue hospital gown with the lovely heart monitor wires poking out of the pocket.

That classy bracelet makes the outfit, don't you think?

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