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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Sock Yarn

I'm getting so much knitting enjoyment from knitting Cookie A. socks, I plan to continue it for a while longer. I'm even collecting yarn for future selections of the Sock Innovation KAL, (a Ravelry link).

The KAL plans to eventually knit every sock in Cookie's Sock Innovation book, and since I'd like to do that as well, I may stick it out to the end.

I didn't plan a Cookie A. marathon, but then I haven't planned many things that have happened so far this summer. I'm finding Cookie's patterns to be interesting and soothing. So far the results have been rewarding with the resulting socks even prettier than the pictures indicate.

My latest sock stash enhancement from Slackford Studio has been assigned a pattern in the book and set aside until its appointed KAL month arrives. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind.

Paprikash, the vivid red/orange yarn on top, is being reserved for Vilai.

Wisteria, the pastel lavender yarn in the center, is being reserved for Kristi, the socks on the cover of the book.

The light color is perfect to show off the delicate Japanese inspired stitch patterns in Kristi. There's just a hint of tone variation in the dye job. I love it.

Billie Jean, the yarn of jean colors on the bottom is being reserved for Sam.

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