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Friday, June 12, 2009

Flashback Friday - 2004 Kalamazoo Doo Dah Parade

On the second Friday of each month I go back five years to pick out one of my favorite blog posts for that month and repost it here on Flashback Friday.

This post was originally written in June, 2004.

Briarwood Dogs Do the Doo Dah
The Doo Dah Parade is a parade of silliness that goes through downtown Kalamazoo Michigan the first Saturday in June.

This year Briarwood Dog Training marched as the Briarwood Beach Bums.

Sunny is not fond of loud noises and crowds, so Pappy and I left her home and had fun without her.

Here are the promised pictures. These were all taken in the staging area before we started.

Pappy in the staging area.Pappy was a good sport about wearing the Doggles, shirt, and hat.

We had to practice wearing the glasses.

At first he wanted them off! We worked on it for over a week and he got resigned to wearing them. I told him that after the parade he never had to wear them again. Anyone want to buy a slightly used pair of Doggles?

Benson in the staging area.Benson is a Newfoundland puppy. Pappy just met Benson two weeks ago and they've become friends. Pappy doesn't seem to care that Benson is a giant. Scary.

Newfies are known for their drooling. Benson's bib says "Drool is Cool".

I think Benson is cool.

Gracie in the staging area.Gracie is another of Pappy's friends from doggy school.

Looking at Gracie is always good for a smile, even when she's not dressed for the beach.

Favor in the staging area.Favor is trainer Gail's cattledog puppy. He's about six months old and getting ready for his first parade.

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